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PubMed J Spinal Disord. 1992 Dec;5(4):464-75 .

Primary posterior fusion C1/2 in odontoid fractures: indications, technique, and results of transarticular screw fixation.

Jeanneret BMagerl F.

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PubMed  Ups J  Med Sci. 1999;104(2):131-43. 

The Olerud Cervical Fixation System; a study of safety and efficacy.

Olerud CLind BSahlstedt B.

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ARJ Amarican Journal of Roentgenology 

September 2000, VOLUME 175 NUMBER 3 

"MR Imaging Findings in Spinal Ligamentous Injury"

Clinical instability of the spine after trauma occurs when the spinal ligaments and bones lose their ability to maintain normal alignment between vertebral segments while they are under a physiologic load. Instability can lead to further injury, pain, or deformity and can require surgical stabilization. MR imaging has been shown to be helpful in the detection of ligamentous injury" 

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Cervical Spine Injuries - Numerical Analyses and Statistical Survey Karin Brolin Doctoral Thesis Report 2002-29

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Cervical Roots as Origin of Pain in the Neck or Scapular Regions

 ArticleinSpine 31(17):E568-73 · August 2006         

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Journal of Biomechanics Volym 76 , 25 juli 2018 , sidor 16-26

Deformation of dorsal root ganglion due to pressure transients of venous blood and cerebrospinal fluid in the cervical vertebral canal

Author links open overlay panel Hua-DongYao Mats Y.Svensson Håkan Nilsson

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Cervical spine involvement in rheumatoid arthritis : Diagnostics and treatment of instability due to rheumatism.

Z Rheumatol. 2018 Dec;77

Janssen IShiban EMeyer B.

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